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I ran across the designer, Todd Snyder, at the beginning of last season as I looked for designers whose collections showed perfect tailoring and structure. The man behind the perfectly tailored man, Todd Snyder, has spent his career designing outerwear for brands like Ralph Lauren and J. Crew. It should come as no surprise that when he first launched his brand; big timers like Barneys New York and several Nordstrom stores picked him up.

The entire Fall/Winter ’15 show proved everything that the Todd Snyder brand aims to produce. So many of the looks that made it down their runway could have ended up in this post, but I felt that these 6 looks really embodied the different aspects of these collections. You will notice that all these looks are different than what you would normally see me in (lots of color, especially pastels), but as I push my fashion boundaries, I want to try looks with darker colors, monochromatic looks, and neutrals.

The gray coat in the first look was seen down the runway in several different variations. The addition of the belt to the jacket seems to make it more casual. At the same time, the belt provides for the option of making the coat even more tailored to your body. Another variation of this coat is in look 4, a darker color and a different style neck, but still very stylish.

The coat from look 2 would be an excellent addition to my closet! The length of the coat is perfect for someone my height (not the tallest guy out there, only 5’10” :/). The subtle details in the cuffs of the sleeves, the simple four buttons and the structure of the neck are what makes this coat.

Knitwear will always be a staple that we see in Fall/Winter Collections. When a designer takes a staple and is able to transform it, the result can be striking. I think this knit is just that, striking, one might even call it a statement piece. The small knits, the trim detailing (around the sleeves, waist, and pockets), the layout of the buttons, and the neck are all perfectly thought out. The light gray is also the perfect color choice, I tried to imagine this piece in another color and I kept coming back to only wanting it in the light gray.

Look 5 is a twist to the well-known pea coat that I could see becoming a big thing next season! I’ve wanted to try rocking a leather coat, but all the ones I have found to this point don’t fit my style. The leather in this case allows one to dress it up or dress it down! Again, pay attention to the details: the buttons are the perfect size (not oversized like others), the detail on the cuffs of the jacket, and the oversized neck! It could be a very versatile piece that would see a lot of action during those cold months.

The final look, 6, was something I wasn’t expecting, especially not as a way to close the show. After the second variation came down the runway, I was intrigued by the pieces more and more. Who knew that there could be items that look perfectly tailored, yet relaxed and comfortable at the same time? It’s almost like the tracksuit for the modern playboy. Makes me want to try one on!

Be ready to see a lot more of Todd Snyder soon on the blog! In the meantime, check out the rest of the show here: Todd Snyder FW ’15 and check out more of the Todd Snyder brand on

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