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As soon as Fall came around the corner, I knew I had to look for a great pair of boots. After last season, guys were definitely kicking up their boot collections. I did lots of research, but it wasn’t until last weekend that I actually found a pair of boots that I saw myself wearing constantly. I’ve gotten several e-mails that tell me I’m not the only guy having this problem. Therefore, I thought I’d share my research and tell you how I got to the point where I handed my credit card to pay for the perfect pair of boots.

Before my search started I already owned a pair of L.L. Bean Boots and several pairs of Wallabees. If you’re just starting your boot collection, then I suggest you get your hands on a pair of each of these. They are definitely an essential to everyone’s closet (both guys and girls)! They are both great for rainy days, snow days, or even just a cold fall day.  

I recommend the 6″ Bean boot to start off. Unless your duck boots are being used on a daily for inches of rain or snow, I don’t see a reason to buy some of the taller boots. Feel free to check out some of the other sizes and colors here—> Men’s L.L. Bean Boots 

Regarding Wallabees, you really can’t go wrong with any of them! I own high tops and regular wallabees in all colors! Check them out here —> Men’s Wallabees 

Desert Boots were definitely another pair on my list. I like that they are similar to Wallabees, yet still have a more rugged personality. They give your outfit an “effortless” look. Throw on a pair of jeans with a sweater and finish off your look with a pair. I personally prefer the brown leather pair and original suede. Clarks has recently come out with different variation for this original boot and I can’t wait to get my hands on another pair. Check out the originals and the new concepts—> Men’s Desert Boots 

Chukka Boots seem similar to Desert Boots at first glance, but they are in fact very different. Chukka Boots have more structure and they are a little more sophisticated. Wear them with a pair of jeans or have a little fun and add them to your Sunday best! The great thing about Chukka Boots is that there are so many colors! Cole Haan did a great job at giving you options to match your personality. Find your perfect pair here—> Men’s Chukka Boots

My final pair of boots are the Chelsea Boots. These boots are rugged, classic, and stylish. A plus for some of you may be that they do not require shoe lasses! My favorite pair come from H&M at a great value! Check them out right here–> Men’s Chelsea Boots

Investing in your first pair of boots shouldn’t break your bank, so if you’re just looking to see if you can rock a pair of boots check out some of the sites bellow. They have great looking pairs of boots at a reasonable price:

H&M Men’s Boots – All of their boots are under $100!

Banana Republic Men’s Boots – If you want a rugged boot at half the price of designer boots.

Zara Men’s Boots – All of their boots are under $150.

Keep the questions coming and maybe you’ll see an answer to your question in my next blog post:

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